Die Cut Frames

Custom Die-Cut Sintra Frames

Grab their attention at the pumps with custom messaging pump frames. They are offered in both portrait and landscape, and hold a 6"x9" insert

Slim DieCut Pump Topper

Slim Die-Cut Pump Topper

At approximately 5"wide and 9"tall this custom diecut frame fits nicely next to a standard pump topper frame.

L-Bend Pump Toppers

These pump toppers come in both plastic and metal, and simply stick to the top of the pumps without any frame necessary.

Branded Sintra Pump Frames

Branded Sintra Frames / Inserts

These frames and inserts are designed to work together to promote your brand.

Pump Toppers

Standard Pump Topper Frames

Standard top loading pump topper frames and inserts are available.

Standard Pump Topper Frames

Pump Topper Inserts

We offer pump topper inserts to fit any size frame. Add height beyond the frame to grab attention and die cut the extension for the ultimate eye catcher.

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